Case Studies




Approximately two years ago, Mark Naismith (Vineyard Manager) for Akarua Ltd, a wine producer based in Central Otago, began to looks at ways of capturing the business information "at the point of entry".

Mark stated 'I needed to integrate a number of requirements for a system to be considered at our vineyard locations'.

  • Payroll

  • Tracking costs of goods produced across several production designations

  • Health and Safety

'As a hand’s on manager of 48 hectares of vineyard, managing 10-55 staff, I was getting bogged down in payroll management and the information whilst coded was not getting used in practical way to track our production costs. To work through time sheets and track codes manually was time consuming and impractical'.

Mark also reiterated 'with the changes in health and safety laws well publicised it seemed logical for us to continue to build on our H&S culture in everyday activities. Vinea would be of great value here and would allow us to capture information at a supervisors level in the field helping us to effectively deliver our message to the staff in the field that they had received training or hazard reminders.'

With Vinea always looking at ways to make improvements Mark is excited about some of the possibilities the Vinea will be able to offer in the future and has confidence that Infopower will be a key business partner for Akarua as they continue to expand.



Another innovation just adopted by JR’s is the introduction of software to streamline the management and allocation of jobs to staff out in the field.

Jamie has responsibility for administration and logistics, and her openness to innovation, led her to search for a solution to reduce the administrative burden associated with recording and tracking time and piecework in the orchard. Her aim was to use this data to speed up payroll processing, simplify compliance and measure productivity.

When Jamiee saw Vinea, she immediately understood the benefits of having access to quality management information at her fingertips, starting with complete worker profiles to assist in the pastoral care of RSE's and other workers, along with detailed records of each job undertaken: what, when, where and by whom.

With an increasing compliance related demands on an industry heavily dependent on labour for seasonal activities, Jamiee was also looking for a system to make it easier to meet labour related compliance obligations.

These include:

  • Retaining complete employee personal, immigration and timesheet / piecework records;

  • Ensuring staff are always paid at or above minimum wage levels;

  • Having quality Health and Safety practises

No business can stand still and Jamiee likes the fact that Vinea had been developed with the support of its grower and contractor clients and that Vinea’s future roadmap is driven by its customers and industry best practice.



Provine approached InfoPower seeking a more logical and cost effective solution to their business issues, particularly around the integration of payroll and invoicing.

After analysing Provine’s business processes and understanding their particular needs, Infopower implemented Vinea which encapsulated the following areas:

  • Vineyard Profiles

  • Blocks/Rows/Plants.

  • Employee profile including training, skill set, immigration information etc.

  • Work recorded in the field - either time based or piecework.

  • Timesheet / Payroll validation.

  • Client billing / invoicing.

  • Health & safety. OSH compliance.

With these details pre-loaded onto a tablet, Provine can now collaborate on a number of core business functions electronically from the one system, reducing time and money spent on manual processes and increasing the accuracy of the data. 

With the help of Infopower, owner Ken estimates that the software will enable savings exceeding $500,000 to business operations over the next five years. Already, he has eliminated the need to collect time sheets from work sites each week, as supervisors themselves file the information directly into the tablet each day. He has also eliminated one administration position because all work done flows directly through to payroll and invoicing, eliminating manual entry of data into each system. As a result of this integration, Ken now has confidence that all work done will be invoiced to clients correctly with a much clearer view of job profitability.

Arian Enterprises.png


Ian Wilson has been in the kiwifruit contracting business for over 30 years.

In that time, he has seen a virtual explosion of paperwork requirements erupt around his business which is why he is raving about the ability of Vinea, a programme that operates through tablets in the field linking straight into his base computer.

In his words, he now has one day a week extra to work on his business and expects that by the end of the year he will have saved his business $100,000 simply by adopting Vinea.

Ian’s business, Arian Enterprises, employs more than 300 people, to work among the kiwifruit orchards in Tauranga.  Sixty of those are RSE workers.

 So when it comes to payroll, there was a mountain of paper to be handled every week. 

“You need a time sheet for every team, every day.  So that’s 20 people in 17 teams, five days a week – that equates to 1,700 time sheets every single week.”

Those time sheets used to be signed off in the field.  They were then passed back to the office staff, who had to create a spreadsheet and double check all the details. Ian had three full time staff working on that. He himself spent well over a day a week overseeing.

“I now have a day a week where I can focus on my business, rather than focus on the paper war.  Maybe even more.  I now don’t have to spend all day in the office, checking we have all the time sheets, and checking that each and every one is correct.  I would say, within 12 months it will create savings of about $100,000.”

There are two components to the Vinea software – ‘Mobile’ and ‘Office’.  Vinea office is the hub, where all information is stored.  This includes work records, job requirements, timesheets, worker immigration details, quotes, wages which are able to be exported into payroll, costings and health and safety details.

Vinea mobile is on a tablet which supervisors have out in the field.  All details are recorded in the field, signed off daily by the workers and then exported back to the hub.

No opportunity for pieces of paper to get lost, or mistakes to be made when transferring details from one system to another.

“When you have to transfer figures from the orchard into a spreadsheet, then a spreadsheet into the payroll and you do it 300 times, you will get mistakes,” Ian says. “The recording and the paper war and the consequences if you get it wrong are huge.”

It is not just payroll where Ian sees the advantages of Vinea. Worker sustainability standards (GRASP) are becoming a major requirement for employers. It is vital to be able to ensure that you have all the details about who is working where, their immigration status, pay rates, allowance entitlements, and deductions among others. Failure to be able to provide this information when called on, can result in large fines for the employer. Vinea provides the ability to have all this information for each worker in one place, without fear of material being lost.

Health and safety issues that can be uploaded onto a tablet before supervisors head into the field is another major advantage for Ian.

“Just getting away from signing in to do health and safety, which we have to do for every team, and then the paperwork that has to come into the office, be recorded and filed is a big advantage.”

The other major advantage of Vinea’s immediacy is that Ian can keep an up to the minute eye on the businesses costs.  “I know if I have 40 people on that orchard and they are doing one hectare a day, I am making money.  But if they are doing just three quarters of a hectare a day and I am paying for a hectare, then I am losing money.  

Beforehand it took about two weeks before I got all the sheets in, worked on them and looked at the costings.  By then you could have lost so much money, it wasn’t funny.”

Despite only having signed up for Vinea in November 2016, it would be hard to find a greater advocate than Ian Wilson – “it’s bloody brilliant.”