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Vinea Mobile - for team leaders in the field.

One of the most important roles in a successful horticulture or viticulture operation is that of the manager in the field.

Often, these managers have responsibility for setting priorities of the jobs they undertake and when, and deciding how much their workers are paid.

Since labour costs represent a significant share of the operational costs for both growers and contractors, the ability of field managers to operate at maximum efficiency can make a real difference to the bottom-line.

One of the varied responsibilities of managers is to keep track of the work done by their team for both hourly and contract (piecework) activities.

In the 'paper-based old world', this typically involves a combination of time sheets and annotated 'block sheets' or 'diary notes' (especially for piecework).

This is only the start of the data chain however, as these work records make their way from the manager into the office, sometimes via an intermediate 'coding sheet', finally to be processed for payroll and invoicing (when outwork is involved).

These multiple touch points of in-field work records take time and introduce the possibility of errors.

In contrast, Vinea Mobile steps away from the 'paper-based old world' processes to the 'new world' where information flows seamlessly from the field to the back office without reentry.

Vinea Mobile - for team leaders

It is the delivery of jobs and capture of time and piecework on the tablet that has cut hours and in some cases many days of processing time out of our client’s working weeks, saving up to 50% in end-to-end processing time. Such savings that go straight to the bottom line.

Our Vinea Mobile app can be used online (with 3/ 4G or wireless access) or offline.