For Kiwifruit Growers and Contractors

As a result of input from a number of our Viticultural contractors, we released an enhancement to Block Sheet information held in Vinea Office.

This allows both planted and actual numbers (of vines, trees etc.) to be recorded for a row. Jobs can be created for piecework based on actual or planted numbers.

We also release a new Orchard type – one with rows and bays for the Kiwifruit industry. This resulted in a further addition to block sheets to record the number and area of bays in each row.A side effect of this is that this provides a way of recording the area of the block (or of a group of rows in a block).

Another new feature allows jobs to be created for work at block level. Instead of recording how many trees (for example), that a worker has pruned in a specific row, the supervisors can record a quantity at block level.

This ties in with a new ‘by quantity’ job type (also at block level) which is useful for harvesting. Quantities can be recorded in a range of units, bins, bags, buckets, punnets – your choice.