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Smart crop sampling and forecasting.

Work is progressing well with our latest innovation on capturing crop measurements in the field on smart phones and using this for some pretty cool forecasting and analysis.

We are excited to be working with Villa Maria on this.

Sample requests, say for bunch counts or disease incidence, are sent to sampling staff members' smartphones in the field.

After they record measurements in the field (with or without internet access as the app works offline), they sync results to the office via the cloud and the raw data and statistic (e.g. average bunch count) is available in the office.

Here is a graphic on the big picture.

With this data we can streamline yield forecasting, tracking the trend as the season progresses or compare with previous years, slicing and dicing by location, grower, variety, clone, quality tier and destination of grapes for further processing

If you want to learn more, give us a call.