Project support from Callaghan Innovation

We are excited have received investment support from Callaghan Innovation for our Vineyard Field Sampling & Yield Forecasting Project.

This funding will help us in the R&D aspects of this project as we work closely with our partner winegrowers to develop the Vinea field sampling and forecasting module using great tools from Microsoft such as PowerBI and Microsoft Azure.

The technology we are developing will greatly improve the timeliness and accuracy of forecasts and allow growers to analyse actual and forecast yield trends across years and throughout the vintage as sample data quickly leads to new estimates at block, section, variety quality tier and other levels.

The key elements are a mobile sampling 'app' and extensions to the Vinea database to cater for detailed vintage data and summary data from the field connected on mobile devices.

For more information, contact Shane or Hamish on 04 978 2030.