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Grape Growers

If your business is growing grapes, Vinea has a range of smart software solutions to capture the information you need to monitor and optimise quality, yield, and production costs and make time-critical intervention decisions. 

Capture crop data in the field

With Vinea Sampling capability, you can collect and capture real-time crop sample data in the field and send the data straight to the office where it feeds directly into crop forecasts. As well as reducing errors and eliminating data re-entry, the results are available wherever you need them, in the office or out in the field.


Streamline in-field tasks

With Vinea Vineyard Manager, you can access and capture information on-the-job. Calculate and contrast crop data, capture phenological observations, field notes, and photographs in the field. No more double handling, fewer data errors and less paperwork. 

Live yield estimation

Vinea Office and Linked Spreadsheets let you enter and share live yield data as you capture it, eliminating paperwork and providing real-time information to estimate yields accurately, guide decision making and optimise crop interventions.


Capture activity in the field

With Vinea Mobile and Personal apps, you can record job and worker activity out in the field using a smartphone or tablet, eliminating paperwork, and reducing time spent travelling or back in the office entering data.

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What our clients say

ben-richards.EoRC_Q - cropped.jpg

What I like about Vinea is having all our Viti data at our fingertips. With the scale of our company and grower blocks, we require efficiency at all levels.

We imported our historical data into Vinea’s Vineyard Manager which enabled us to collect and record current data, compare it (to previous years) and then save vineyard and block data in the field, without having to transfer or refer to data, in another system. We also found the Writing Notes tool incredibly valuable.

Through the season, we could update each block on growth stage, vine health, soil management, and berry chemistry (Brix, TA, pH, YAN etc.). It also gave us the ability to take and upload photos related to the notes.

Overall, we’re extremely happy with Vinea Vineyard Manager. Being able to access our information easily meant there was no double handling of data, which resulted in much better efficiency.

Ben Richards, Viticulturalist/Grower Liaison Officer 

Indevin New Zealand 

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