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Producing Wine

A vineyard is a complex ecosystem and turning exceptional grapes into world-class wine requires skill, tenacity and patience. It also helps to have accurate and timely information to guide decisions at your fingertips, when and where you want it. Vinea does just that.  

Better planning and decision making

Vinea Office provides a range of tools that capture all the data you need in one central database to enable you to make timely, informed decisions, produce reports and plan for future harvesting and production. 


Access vineyard data in the field 

Vinea’s Vineyard Manager gives you instant access to key data from your tablet anytime, anywhere, reducing paperwork and time in the office. With detailed data at your fingertips, increasing operational efficiency and streamlining operations isn’t just possible, it’s easy.  

One central source of vineyard data

The Vinea Database provides a central repository to store and retrieve all your current and historical vineyard data. Collect, compare and analyse data with ease with one central easy-to-access database and our smart Analysis Tools.


Maturity sampling made easy

With Vinea Maturity Sampling & Scheduling, you can schedule fruit sample collection and capture maturity measures in the field or lab. This provides winemakers and viticulturalists with the data to make timely harvest decisions.  

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What our clients say


What I like about Vinea is being able to stay out in the field, and not have to return to base just to drop off paperwork. Our grower vineyards are spread all over the region, and I’ve quickly realised how much time we’ve spent in the past travelling all those kilometres back and forth. When I’m out in the field collecting data, a whole stack of paper information would pile up and not be entered for one or two days. Entering data on the spot and giving others live access to the information answers their questions in real-time and speeds everything up. Having up to date yield information is super important when it comes to making decisions about securing new grower blocks, booking tank space or identifying excess processing capacity, things that impact on our overall profitability. 

Dominic Ison, Viticulturalist/VitiTech 

Yealands, Marlborough New Zealand 

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