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Managing Labour

Managing a profitable contract labour business is a whole lot easier with Vinea. Our smart software modules and mobile apps will revolutionise your manual payroll and personnel systems saving you time, money and headaches.

Fast, accurate payroll processing

Vinea’s labour tracking apps, including Vinea Mobile and Vinea Personal for labour tracking, make payroll a breeze. Eliminate paperwork, errors and double handling and save on manual processing time by recording time and staff data accurately on the job, using a tablet. That means more time to spend on your business, and less time on the paperwork.


Integrated payroll systems

Vinea’s Payroll Module integrates seamlessly with a range of payroll systems, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of your labour management and payroll systems is a breeze. 

Labour compliance made easy

Vinea Office makes it easy to load, store and sync your workforce data records, payroll information and labour compliance documents, including immigration and health and safety records. Everything is stored securely, and at your fingertips when you need to access it. 

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What our clients say

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What I like about Vinea is that it has freed us up from a huge amount of unproductive paper-based administration. A number of years ago, I began to look at ways to capture our business information ‘at the point of entry’. ​As a hands on manager of 100 hectares of vineyard, managing 10-55 staff, I was also getting bogged down in payroll management, and the information, whilst coded, wasn’t getting used in a practical way to track our production costs. To work through time sheets and track codes manually was time consuming and impractical. With Vinea that’s no longer an issue for us. It really has saved us time and enabled us to put our energy into other things. With a focus on innovation and continual development, I’m excited about what Vinea will be able to offer Akarua in the future.

Mark Naismith, Vineyard Manager, Akarua, Central Otago

What I like about Vinea is that I now have more time to work on my business, and I spend less time on paperwork.

Vinea has saved us time and money. My company employs more than 300 people, so when it comes to payroll, there was a mountain of paper to be handled every week. You need a timesheet for every team every day. So that’s 20 people in 17 teams, five days a week – that equates to 1,700-timesheets every single week. Those time sheets used to be signed off in the field. They were then passed back to the office staff, who had to create a spreadsheet and double-check all the details. I had three full-time staff working on that, and I spent well over a day a week overseeing it all.


Now, with Vinea Mobile, supervisors have a tablet out in the field. All details are recorded in the field, signed off daily by the workers and then exported back to the hub. No opportunity for pieces of paper to get lost or mistakes made when transferring details from one system to another.

The other major advantage of Vinea is that I can keep an up to the minute eye on costs. I know if I have 40 people on that orchard and they are doing one hectare a day, I am making money. But if they are doing just three-quarters of a hectare a day and I am paying for a hectare, then I am losing money. Beforehand it took about two weeks before I got all the sheets in, worked on them and looked at the costings. By then you could have lost a lot of money. Vinea is simply brilliant.

Contract Labour Manager

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